The primary goal of Nirim is to provide youth at very high risk with an opportunity, in many cases their last, to overcome their difficult life circumstances, fulfill their potential and become normative, self-confident, involved and contributing members of society

Girl’s Home “Shirat HaYam” was created as a solution for girls who do not receive the correct therapeutic response from the intensive Nirim Program. The main characteristic is their inability to emotionally regulate themselves. They cannot tolerate the village routine for long and time and again in short intervals (hours or days) go from a state of uplifted and empowered emotional mood to a crisis and extreme emotional downfall. Crisis may be accompanied by in-adaptive behaviors such as dysfunction, shouting, cursing, escaping, and using mood alternating substance. Despite being treated with an extensive range of tools, girls in “Shirat Hayam” are still unable to calm down. This situation of helplessness leads to dropping out and sometimes rapid and extreme deterioration. The home is located in the village, in a separated area. The program is spread across nine months providing peace, calmness, inclusion, and therapy based on DBT the only therapeutic model in the world to be proven effective in these cases. The Girl’s Home is designed to accommodate 12 girls at any given time. The purpose of the process is to enable the girls to return to their team at the Nirim Program stronger and with effective regulating tools.


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