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JWA HK History in Pictures

The Jewish Women’s Association of Hong Kong (JWA) is a longstanding vibrant non-affiliated charitable association of women, dedicated to aiding women and children in need through diverse organizations in Israel and Hong Kong. JWA provides an empowering platform to those associated with its goals.

Acting Co-Chairwoman Shani Brownstein
Acting Co-Chairwoman Marissa Raccah

Treasurer Sandra Greenberg Murzin

Secretary Maayan Gossat Schwartz

Board Members
 Cherie Rachel Bera
 Oshra Masouda Dayani
 Faina Derman
 Gilat Elizov Gefen
 Alexandra Guitelmann Levy
 Amy Kristin Mines
 Cynthia Roxana Sananes De Fleischer
 Gilat Alon Shemesh

Administrative Manager: info@jwa.org.hk

JWA HK: Through the years a slideshow