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Volunteer for the Bazaar

Dear Friends,

The Jewish Women’s Association of Hong Kong’s annual Bazaar will take place at Island School  Sunday, November 19, 2016. This is the largest charity bazaar in Hong Kong! We serve more than 3,000 buyers who come to enjoy excellent bargains such as housewares, branded clothes for men and women; toys and bags; great food and fun kid’s activities.

For this event we need many helping hands, both adults and teens, aged 15 and older to assist us with:

Setting up the Bazaar on Nov 18th (after Shabbat) – unpacking boxes and organizing items on tables followed by our ever popular Pre-Sale!

Selling items on Nov 6th in – housewares, clothing, shoes, bags, toys and holiday items, etc

For teens who volunteer, the JWA will sign school documents in order for them to obtain their requisite Community Service Hours.

All goods sold at the Bazaar are donated to the JWA by various donors and our entire team during the actual event is comprised of volunteers.

The income goes to charities in Hong Kong and Israel that assist children with cancer, provides home schooling for bedridden children, as well as towards breast cancer screening, medical counseling and psychological support both in Hong Kong and in Israel.

We are ready to take you, your family, and friends on this wonderful mitzvah as volunteers! Make a difference and have an awesome day at the same time! Share your talents and your time for a great cause.

Please sign up to become a volunteer today! You can e-mail Candice at info@jwa.org.hk or Irit at Irit@jwa.org.hk. – or fill out our form below.

Please let us know if you need any additional information.

We are counting on you to make this Bazaar another great event that shows how wonderful our community really is!

Thank you,

Oshra Dayani
Bazaar Chairwoman
JWA Bazaar 2017



The JWA Bazaar is 6 November 2016!

You may select as many as you like - we'll be happy to work with you for all of our good causes!


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