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The JWA is closely following the Corona virus / Covid-19 situation and the related Hong Kong Government directives.

We are, as always, making sure that we can  provide safe and healthy spaces and events for you. Therefore we will not resume our in person activities until the HK Government approves of events that will bring us together in groups.

We are hopeful that we will be able to jump back to routine activity soon. Stay safe!

The Jewish Women’s Association of Hong Kong (JWA)

is a grassroots organization comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to helping women and children in need.

JWA Beneficiaries

JWA - First Annual Fundraiser!

The JWA of Hong Kong is dedicated to supporting educational, social welfare and health programs on project-based programs with a pre-selected group of organizations. In this manner, we can maximize the impact of the donations and ensure that they go directly to those in need most, and not to overheads or other administrative expenses.

We are reaching out to you as part of our annual appeal process. We humbly request that you continue to support the JWA and our projects this year.

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