The JWA has partnered with HKBCF to promote the education of 4,100 women in low income districts of  Hong Kong.

The project entails education about breast self-examination, clinical breast examination performed by a registered nurse and mammography screening services as needed.



The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation was set up by Dr. Polly Cheung in March 2005 as a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to eliminating the threat of breast cancer to the local community through education, support, research and advocacy. Breast cancer is an often deadly illness which affects women from all walks of life, with Jewish women particularly vulnerable to this illness due to genetic reasons.

For the second year running, the JWA is providing funding for a nurse to give counselling to women who seek advice about medical concerns relating to breast health. This nurse assesses whether the patient needs further medical checks such as mammograms and/or ultrasound. The patient is then referred for further investigations and treatment if necessary. She also conducts educational sessions on early detection and prevention. The cost of this project is USD 25,800 (HKD 200,000). In 2013-2014 alone, the JWA supported 4100 women from a lower socioeconomic background in Hong Kong through this project.


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