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For Israelis, placement in the IDF has a significant impact on life choices far beyond military service, including courses of post-secondary study and career paths. Pre-Army Academies are an entry way to higher roles, allowing soldiers to forge necessary connections and skills. However, academies are often inaccessible to Israelis from underprivileged backgrounds.

Alma Pre-Army Academy for Female leadership.

Alma prepares young women from socially and economically marginalized Israeli communities for meaningful military service, as well as future leadership and success. Alma offers a curriculum based on Jewish culture, identity, and leadership that builds self-confidence, sense of purpose, and understanding of their important place in Jewish history. Alma helps participants access the tools, skills, and networks that they need to in order to succeed in Israeli society as empowered women and active citizens. Advocating for them directly to the IDF, Alma paves their way into high level positions and changes their trajectories for a lifetime.

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