Tlalim – Educating Sick Children in Israel

Tlalim is an exceptional organisation which, since 1990, has been giving educational support to pupils who are not able to attend class for more than 3 weeks in a row due to an illness or an accident. It is the only charity in Israel which organises classes for approximately 900 bedridden students every day, helping approximately 3600 pupils a year.

Support is provided for the whole period of the child’s illness, from a few weeks to several months and, in some instances, years. Tlalim helps each pupil to continue his or her studies, thereby enabling him or her to go back to the classroom after the illness and resume a normal life.

For the year 2014-2015, the JWA has donated 25,000 USD to Tlalim, which was used to purchase the license for the virtual school, e-Tlalim, so crucial to bring the classroom to each child’s bed.

Tlalim Association

  • Tlalim renders free learning support to all school pupils, throughout Israel, thatare absent from class due to illness or accident.
  • The duration of the support lasts for the whole period of the pupil’s illness, from few weeks to several months, and in some instances, years.
  • Tlalim concentrates its major efforts on helping the pupil to proceed with his studies and improve his chances to revert to normal routine in his class once recovered.


Ana Scherer and Shani Brownstein met with the directors of Tlalim Rita Barashi and Liora Peled in Tel-Aviv to learn about TLALIM’s success in the past year. With the JWA help, the organization has made a difference in the lives of many children including Mor Moreno. Read about her in the story below:

“JWA of Hong Kong – Mor’s connection to the healthy side of life”

Mor, an 18 year old student, suffers, since birth, from a rare syndrome which affects her blood and lymph cells.

She has gone through ten operations, the first one was immediately after birth and she will have to have a few more in the future.

Mor, has not been able to attend school in the way her friends have. She has been absent for at least 50% of the time due to her medical condition.
It was very difficult for her to keep up with the class material.

Tlalim-Educational support for the sick child is the only organization in Israel that provides educational support, at home.

The education support is given by teachers both at home and via the virtual campus. Hours of educational support are provided that bring energies that stimulates courage, and accelerates the bedridden child’s motivation for a successful recovery.

Mor has written a research project. In this project she tries to analyze the problems of bedridden children. She describes how it is to deal with medical conditions and how it is to cope with the emotional problems of isolation.

She writes about the importance of educational support during the times she was bedridden and how it connected her to the healthy aspect of life. The Tlalim teachers provided positive experiences of success and enjoyment, and contributed to her well being, gave her courage and motivation.

Next year, Mor wishes to complete her final high school exams and will manage this with the support of Tlalim, it’s teachers and virtual campus.



The story of Vika - Tlalim
Victoria is today in 6TH Grade. She previously underwent a series of Head operations due to benign cranial tumours. Following the surgery, she lost the ability to write because of incessant shaking of her hands. Hydrocephalus necessitated continued shunting. Victoria overcame these obstacles by means of working determinably with beads and drawing, all of which enabled her to regain movement as well as both recent and distant memory. The teachers and volunteers who assist Victoria in direct instruction at home, or by remote instruction ,given via the Virtual school, have restored to her all that she was deprived of, so that she will continue to maintain the level of her class.
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