**UPCOMING EVENTS: Teaching Mindfulness, 25 Feb. 7:30p -|VIP Tour Art Central, 26 March -|- # PowerLunch Series, 28 March -|- JWA Charity Bazaar - DETAILS in UPCOMING EVENTS

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Upcoming Events

JWA: Teaching Mindfulness at Home

Would you like: A more peaceful home environment? To teach your children to be more calm?   Join us Monday, February 25th As Deirdre McCloskey provides necessary / practical [...]

VIP Tour of Art Central!

This private tour is a fantastic opportunity for our members to discover the 2019 Art Central exhibition from a new perspective.   Starting with a personal introduction and an [...]

JWA Bazaar 2019!

Details Soon!   For information or to volunteer, Contact Us: info@jwa.org.hk