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JWA Silent Auction ONLINE!!

The JWA Annual Ball will take place on Sunday, June 1st and we are excited to announce that the auction site will be ready for your bids at 7pm on June 1st. You can visit http://openheart.hk/jwa now, click on the prize title to read more about it and to register. Then, come back on June 1st at 7pm Hong Kong time to start bidding. The auction will end at 10:30pm Hong Kong time.

JWA Silent Auction












Whether or not you are joining us in person, we want to give all our friends and supporters an opportunity to participate in our key fundraising and community-building event. With your help and support we can make this year a record-breaking success.

With the help of our tech partners OpenHeart, you can participate through SMS using your mobile telephone from anywhere.

How to Bid by Phone –

Step 1 – To Register
Send SMS message to 6973 5082
JWA [88] [first and last name]
e.g. JWA 88 John Smith

If you are attending the Ball, our system will automatically update your table number in place of "88" upon arrival.

Step 2 – To Bid (Available at 7pm on Jun 1st)
Send SMS message to 6973 5082
B [lot no.] [amount in HK Dollars]
e.g. B 7 12500

To bid anonymously, use BA [lot no.] [amount in HK Dollars]
e.g. BA 7 12500

All amounts are in Hong Kong Dollars.
Please note there may be a small time delay for the transmission of SMS to the system.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support of JWA and we look forward to celebrating with you.