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Israel Needs You!


As hundreds of bombs rain over the south of Israel once more, as one million Israelis sleep in shelters and as children are in fear instead of in school,
isn't it time to do something?

The JWA will be calling you for help.

Please consider increasing your donation from last year by 10-15%.

A substantial amount  of the money collected between now until the JWA ball on  May 13th will be allocated to support people in the south who are counting on
us for shelter, food, clothing and trauma counselling.

As always, we will ensure that your gift will have the biggest impact.

We are counting on you… they are counting on us.

Send your pledge or your donation now and you will be included in the JWA's Ball Brochure.
Contact us at info@jwa.org.hk or 6017-6805.Details are attached.

For the last 65 years the JWA has been in there in times of need. Today is our turn, we are here and we can make a difference.