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Bazaar 2010: Thank YOU!

Dear Friends,

Another bazaar is successfully over. After over a thousand boxes of items, hundreds of volunteers and hours of hard work, we can say now that we had about 10% rise in income this year, relatively to last year.
Although we received a substantial amount of goods this year, the leftovers were minimal.

I want to thank all those who came and helped out during the set up and throughout the bazaar. I believe this event is a source of inspiration to us all. Where else can you see a whole community, normally divided by languages, religious affiliations, ages and social agendas, joining forces for a number of great causes – helping children and women in great need both in Israel and in Hong Kong.

I hope you all enjoyed this day as much as I did, if not much more.

As always, special thanks are in order for certain people:

The various committee chairs who not only worked very hard to arrange and get all those wonderful items that were donated for sale, but also ensured the smooth operation of the set up, the pricing, the volunteer shifts and the clear out of the few remaining items.

Household items – Yael Hadar, Daniella Maghnagi and Tally Ben Sira. Special thanks to Yael Hadar, who just a week after having her daughter Mika born, stood on her feet for very long hours, ensuring all was run smoothly.

Toys – Shani Brownstein , Amy Tadelis  Tara Diestel and the entire team.

Clothes – Orly Yaffe and Ofira Berrebi.

Accessories – Hagit Razon and Claudia Azoulay.

Kids Zone – Anna, Yair and the team from the Tzofim.

Food section – Meital Brownstein and Aviva Shabat . This year food was sold both on Saturday night at the set up and on the al day Sunday, offering a substantially larger variety of food for the benefit of us all.
Special thanks to Aviva Shabat for co-ordinating the preparation of Kosher Falafel.

Books – Penina Nagar. Please note 2 boxes of quality books will be going to Elsa High for Hebrew lessons. 4 boxes of books will be going to Carmel school for starting up a Hebrew exchange library.

I would also like to thank the following people who also contributed much:

Lili Lazer – for the beautiful graphic design on anything from flyers to vouchers.

Gil Azoulay and the CSC team – for the tight security control, ensuring we were all safe at the event.

Jessica Zwaiman Lerner– editing

Ezra Shemesh for security coordination.

Oded Kover – for the beautiful music and technical support

Riki Shemesh – For  teenagers coordination and coaching, Tzofim mentoring and pre sale organization.

Ayala Klapholtz – who came early to HK especially to support us and assist in set up, pre-sale and sales.

Goldie Avtzon – for initiating, organizing and setting the Kosher food section for the benefit of many of our visitors.

Raz Alcobi – for acting as a substitute treasurer in the absence of Olga, taking care of all money aspects.

Meirav Oron, Michal Gordon, Keren Grunschlag and Orly Yaffe – Money counting

Amir Orly – logistics coordination

Darit and the wonderful teens from Discovery Bay, who demonstrated a level of hard work and commitment never seen before.

Ana and Eddie Scherer – for the support and the hard work.

The group of Haley's students, who came from far just to help us through the day.

Neill Morgan from the JCC – for the storage space, the tables and total support.

Santa Fe – for sponsoring the shopping bags

Island School – for the cooperation and the great facilities.

To the drivers and movers who put their heart and soul into this event.

Special thanks to Limor Kovar – our Administrative Manager who, without her, all this would not have happened. Taking care of every detail, solving problems creatively and giving 100% and more of herself.

I do apologize if I failed to name anyone here.

Thank you for supporting the Bazaar and the JWA

We are still raising money for the Carmel Fire Emergency Fund, so please give in any of the following ways

1. Money transfer to Bank account number – 808-085070001 HSBC. – Please put a note reading: Carmel Fire Fund

2. Send Check to JWA of Hong Kong Ltd, to JWA, JCC 70 Robinson Rd, Midlevers HK.- please mark at the back of the check- Carmel Fire Emergency Fund

3. Leave an envelop at the JCC. Please mark clearly JWA Carmel Fire Emergency Fund.

Thank you and see you all in our future JWA events,


Daphna Peyser
JWA Chairperson