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This year marks a special milestone for the JWA. We are honoured to be celebrating our 70th Anniversary and hope you will join us in this historic year to mark the organisations central role in the Jewish community of Hong Kong by participating in our upcoming celebratory events to help us mark this historic moment.

The JWA is a voluntary organization dedicated to empower and support women and children.  We invest in educational, social welfare and health programs.  We are committed to charities in Israel and in Hong Kong. During the bi-annual term of 2016/2017 our Acting Co-Chairwomen are Shani Brownstein & Marissa Raccah. The JWA Board is made up by the following women:

Acting Co-Chairwoman Shani Brownstein
Acting Co-Chairwoman Marissa Raccah

Treasurer Sarit Azrilevich

Secretary Amy Mines Tadelis

Board Members
 Raz Alcobi
 Irit Balas-Rozer
 Cherie Bera
 Faina Derma
 Cynthia Fleisher
 Gilat Elizov Gefen
 Carla Green
 Sharon Maghnagi
 Rebecca Schrage
 Gilat Alon Shemesh
Joy Poretzky Zweig

Administrative Manager: Candice Chan: info@jwa.org.hk

Our History The Jewish Women’s Association of Hong Kong (JWA), a registered charity, has a long history as an integral part of the community. The organization was founded in 1947 and it includes a diverse group of women reflecting the cosmopolitan flavor of the Jewish community worldwide and of Hong Kong itself. In its early days, the JWA centered its activities on providing aid to the World War II refugees, many of whom sought shelter in Asia. When the State of Israel was established, the organization expanded its reach and became a supporter of the new state mainly through focus on the Youth Aliyah movements and other beneficiaries in Israel. We are listed as an affiliate of the International Council of Jewish Women (ICJC), a group that aims to promote understanding between Jewish women worldwide and show solidarity for Israel. JWA

Today Today the JWA plays a major role in the life of our community.  We focus on supporting organizations that empower women and children in Israel and in Hong Kong.  Our office is located in the Hong Kong Jewish Community Center. We hold numberous events during the year, but the two major fundraisers are The JWA Annual Bazaar and The JWA Ball. The JWA Annual Bazaar hosts approximately 3,000 shoppers from Hong Kong.  We count on 200 volunteers from the Jewish Community to operated it.  The Bazaar continues to be a fabulous day of fun for all! The JWA Ball is the most anticipated event of the Jewish Hong Kong community.  It’s a wonderful evening when the whole community and guests comes together to have a great time and to fundraise on behalf of our beneficieries.

The JWA also partners with the JCCEC to promote different speakers during the year. We are committed to supporting the below listed organizations in Israel and Hong Kong.  Read more about them by clicking on their names below or on the Beneficiaries tab on the menu bar. Read more about them by clicking on their names below or on Beneficiaries on our menu bar.


Hayim-logo Hayim Association Dedicated to improving the lives of children suffering from cancer

Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation

Educating the community in low income districts about self examination and offering screening services.

IsraAid Website


For over a decade, IsraAID has been helping people all over the world overcome extreme crises and has provided millions with the vital support needed to move from destruction to reconstruction, and eventually, to sustainable living.

One in Nine

One in Nine is an organization that strives to raise public awareness about breast cancer in Israel.
Tlalim Association An elaborate network at the service of bedridden children who are absent from school due to illness or accidents

The Wizo Logo

WIZO project Daycare Centre for Children